Arts and Ideas: August 2nd, 2020 | CAI

Arts and Ideas: August 2nd, 2020

Aug 2, 2020

Join us every Sunday night for Arts and Ideas.  

7pm “Remembering John Lewis” from Peace Talks Radio. The late congressman and civil rights leader died on July 17th. He played a lead role in the effort to end segregation, and served seventeen terms in congress.   


8pm   “The Next Generation.” Conversations about a new era of grassroots activism. A look at activist groups like Sisters Unchained and The Muslim Justice League and the changes they’re making. 


9pm “Becoming a Mother.” The Pulse looks at the impact of motherhood on women’s health, from changes in hormones and brain chemistry, to the ongoing debate over breastfeeding.  


10pm PRX Remix. "Wild Orchid Mystery” and other good stuff on shuffle.


It’s all on Arts and Ideas, Sunday night from 7 to 11.