Arts and Ideas: July 19th, 2020 | CAI

Arts and Ideas: July 19th, 2020

Jul 19, 2020

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7pm “Faith and Fragility” from Come Through with Rebecca Carroll, a series about race during this pivotal year in American history. This week, conversations about keeping faith during crisis, xenophobia, and white fragility. 

 8pm  “Is Nationalism A Force for Good?” That’s the premise this week on NPR’s debate series, Intelligence Squared US.  

9pm   Introducing Transcripts, a new podcast about the work and lives of trans activists. This episode looks at whether life is actually getting better for trans people. 

 10pm PRX Remix. "Burger King Homeless Music” and other good stuff on shuffle.

 It’s all on Arts and Ideas, Sunday night from 7 to 11.