Arts and Ideas: July 5th, 2020 | CAI

Arts and Ideas: July 5th, 2020

Jul 5, 2020

Join us Sunday Night for Arts and Ideas.

7pm Play it Again, SLAM. It’s a new Moth Radio Hour, produced right here in Woods Hole, by us.  

8pm Will Coronavirus Reshape The World Order in China’s Favor? That’s the premise this week on NPR’s debate series, Intelligence Squared U.S.  

9pm Lyndon B. Johnson and the Great Society. A look at LBJ’s legacy. Before Vietnam sunk his presidency, he passed major laws for medicare, voting rights, public broadcasting, and more.  

10pm Good stories on shuffle from PRX Remix. 

It’s all on Arts and Ideas, Sunday night from seven to eleven. Right here on WCAI. Local Public radio for the Cape, the Coast, and the Islands.