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Cape's Tastiest Fish? A Vote for Black Sea Bass

Jul 2, 2019

Black sea bass detail
Credit S Junker

Striped bass get a lot of attention from Cape Cod fishermen, but there's another bass around that's great to catch and eat. We're talking about black sea bass—and if you ever saw them together, you'd never confuse the two.

Black sea bass is an entirely different fish from a striped bass. In fact, it's a type of grouper. And it has a highly unusual life cycle, in which most juveniles are female, and a portion of those will change sex as they grow older, becoming male.

The current Massachusetts limit for black sea bass is 5 per angler at 15".

Black sea bass have a white, firm, flaky meat that makes it great for frying or grilling. In this week's Fishing News, Kevin Blinkoff of On the Water magazine talks about targeting black sea bass and ways to prepare it for eating. Give a listen.