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Casting Lures for Tuna: Better Equipment Makes It Possible

Jun 7, 2013

Bluefin Tuna

Put away that heavy trolling gear. A new generation of spinning reels make it possible to fish for tuna similar to fishing for striped bass, by casting lures. The place to head to do it right now is the backside of Cape Cod, from Monomy up to Chatham, where large groups of 200 - 300lb tuna have been sighted. More info in the audio posted above.

Also this week:

The New Moon in June falls this weekend. It's a seasonal landmark for fishermen. The new moon brings big tides and dark nights. Anglers are hoping that it will also bring the larger striped bass, 30 - 40lbs, that have not yet shown up this season.  


  • Did you know bluefin tuna are grown in aquaculture ranches in the Mediterranean and offshore of South Australia?
  • Bluefin tuna can swim up to 40mph.
  • Like all tuna, bluefin are warm blooded.
  • In 2011, scientists estimated the biomass of the eastern stock to be between 37 and 89 percent of the target level, a substantial improvement from the 2009 levels of 19 to 35 percent.  
  • Over half of U.S. Atlantic bluefin catch is exported, mainly to the sushi markets in Japan.
  • The next major stock assessment is expected to be in 2015.