Celebrating National Poetry Month, Locally

Apr 30, 2019

April is National Poetry Month. On The Point, we welcome three poet guests. 

First, we speak with Alice Kociemba and Rich Youmans. They're editors of a soon-to-be published anthology entitled From the Farther Shore: Discovering Cape Cod and the Islands Through Poetry. The anthology is being published through Bass River Press under the umbrella of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. Kociemba is founding director of Calliope Poetry Series in Falmouth, and currently the guest editor for Common Threads, a collaborative project published annually by the Mass Poetry organization.

Next we hear from Justen AhrenMartha's Vineyard Poet Laureate.  He has a new collection of poems called A Machine for Remembering, and a new album. He talks about inspirations for the album: a piano that briefly was stored at his house; and migrants who he assisted that are living in a Greek refugee camp.