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Depolarizing America

Oct 27, 2020

 With the 2020 election a week away, the rancor, mistrust and open hostility Americans feel for those who don’t support their views seems to have reached a unprecedented level. Regardless of the election outcome, millions of Americans will be unhappy with the result and the divisiveness won’t dissipate. 


If the 2016 election is any indication, our country may become even more divided. Why is it important for Americans to bridge these divides?  Is it even possible to find things we can agree upon? How can we have conversations with those on the other side of the aisle without it turning to an all-out conflict? We discuss these questions and more on The Point. 



Guests on the program are: 

Bill Doherty of Braver Angels, an organization he co-founded after the 2016 elections, to help depolarize Americans and foster constructive conversation and civic engagement.

Reverend Tina Walker-Morin, Senior Minister at the First Church Sandwich.

Mindy Todd hosts.