Don't Throw Away Those Roller Skates

Jul 23, 2018


Forrest’s Family Fun Center. Come nighttime, this garage door will slide up and welcome visitors into Forrest’s skating wonderland. April 2018.
Credit Photo by Robin Miniter

When was the last time you laced up a pair of quad skates? You better hurry: roller rinks across America are closing. The rink in Taunton was almost one of them. But there’s good news: life-long skating fanatic Forrest Welling came along to save it. That was three years ago. Since taking the place over he’s been determined to keep the doors open, and to keep skating. 

Interested in lacing up your own skates? You can visit Forrest’s Family Fun Center at 1 Lawton Ave. in Taunton. This piece came to us through our production partners at Atlantic Public Media through their media training program, The Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole. Robin is a  graduate from the workshop - you can find out more about the program at

Recording sound inside the rink
Credit Avery Thompson