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From Dresses to Ducks: One Woman’s Journey to Happiness

Aug 24, 2020

Rubber ducks line the shelves at Colette Cummings’ store n Chatham.
Credit September 2019. Photo by Adrienne Roberts

Colette Cummings thought she had reached the peak of the fashion world. But that all changed when she was fired from her role as vice president of Talbots. Since then, Colette’s career has taken her in a totally new direction. She got a part-time job at a rubber duck toy store in Chatham, and just months after, was asked to take over the business. Colette bought the store, despite warnings from her family. She’s now found something she was never able to find working in the corporate world. 

This piece came to us from our production partners at Atlantic Public Media through their media training program, The Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole. Adrienne is Fall 2019 graduate of the workshop and you can find out more about that program at


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