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Eating to Support Immunity

Jun 11, 2020

Our immune system is our bodies natural protection against disease causing microorganisms. When that system fails, we get sick. Sleep, stress and exercise are all factors in how well our immune system operates; so is nutrition. We discuss the foods that could help support immunity and how to prepare them to get the most nutritional value. We asked listeners to share favorite healthy meal ideas, to expand all our cooking repertoires. Suggestions included Parsnip Hummus and Bulk Granola making parties. 


Guests on the program are Stacey Richmond, Registered Dietitian specialising in eating disorders, and practitioner of Integrative Nutrition Therapy for over 20 years. She provides individual counseling, coaching, workshops and retreats for women through her business Kind Eating

Dena Irwin, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist at the Community Health Center of Cape Cod and Registered Yoga Teacher. She practices integrative nutrition, using whole foods healing and offers holistic nutrition counseling and cooking lessons through her business Nourish. Mindy Todd hosts.