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"The Fall Run" a Bookend for Striped Bass Season

Sep 13, 2013

Credit Public Herald / flickr

The saltwater fishing season approaches its finish with a nice bit of symmetry. Just as springtime offers the spectacle of fishermen awaiting the arrival of large striped bass, September brings the same. Fishermen across the Cape and Islands are anticipating The Fall Run, when those large bass which passed through earlier in the year on their northward migration should now return, this time heading south.

There are plenty of baitfish in the water at this time of year, especially in close to shore, in estuaries, river mouths, and harbors. As the bass work their way southward, they are feeding on the abundant baitfish - which can mean great inshore fishing. 

Steve Junker and Kevin Blinkoff talk about The Fall Run and other fishing news in the audio posted above.