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Fishing for Fluke in July's Warm Water

Jul 26, 2013

Fluke is also known as Summer Flounder. The Massachusetts season for fluke runs May 22 to September 30th.
Credit Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Fluke are a flatfish. They're also known as Summer Flounder. As the waters warm around the Cape and Islands, it's a great moment to go for fluke, and Jimmy Fee of On The Water magazine shares tips in this week's Fishing News.

  • Fluke lie on the bottom, typically near a dropoff, preferring spots where the current will wash baitfish to them.
  • Fluke will go for bait like squid or cut fish. Jimmy Fee suggests a bucktail jig on a leader with teaser hook above, and a bit of squid or scented plastic bait on the jig; retrieve bouncing it across the bottom, keeping it in contact with the bottom.
  • Massachusetts limits are 5 fluke at 16-1/2" minimum.
  • Be especially careful when bringing a fluke on board.  They have soft mouths which can lose the hook if you try to hoist them, and they are one of the few fish that can swim backward, making netting them a challenge.


Despite the warming water temperatures, some big striped bass were reported at the Cape Cod Canal this week, as the big full moon tides brought in schools of mackerel. Stripers up to 48 pounds reported caught this week at the Canal. 

Audio of The Fishing News is posted above.