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Fishing with Kids on Father's Day: Tips to Make it Fun

Jun 14, 2013

Credit Lindsey Jene Scalera / flickr

Introducing children to fishing can be more tricky than you might expect. What if you don't catch fish? What if a child gets frustrated with the complications of rods and reels and hooks? What if it's icky?

One key to making fishing with children fun is to adjust your expectations. Children are ready to enjoy the experience in its entirety, without the need to focus on catching fish as the "goal." Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Keep it simple. With young children try fishing off a dock with a baited hook and a sinker. No flying hooks! Pulling up a shimmering scup can be magical. Study it in a bucket, then release it.   
  • It's not always about the catch. Remove the hooks from a lure and take your eight-year-old casting. It can be as rewarding as playing catch with a ball - it's time well spent honing a skill, engaging with nature, and talking. 
  • Don't go too long. If the excitement is dwindling, be prepared to set down the rod and explore nature. If you're at a pond, try hunting up turtles or frogs - or go swimming.
  • Pack plenty of snacks and drinks!


From mid-June until July 4th or so, the fishing is consistently great. The waters have not warmed too much. Striped bass and blues can be gotten from shore. Tuna have arrived. Scup and sea bass are available for bottom fishing. So many options to enjoy! 

Audio of The Fishing News, with Steve Junker and Kevin Blinkoff, is posted above.