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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Jul 30, 2020

The number of grandparents raising grandchildren has increased over the past decade, in large part because of the opioid epidemic. Schools and nonprofits have stepped up to help with supports to children and grandparents, but that all changed with the coronavirus. On The Point, we discuss challenges created by the pandemic, how some grandparents are coping, and what supports are currently available. 

Guests on the program are: Kerry Bickford, grandparent, and family advocate for the Cape Cod Neighborhood Support Coalition; and Kathleen Snow, attorney with Children and Parents, 3180 Main St, Barnstable, MA.  Phone: (508) 362 4900.


Also, here's a link to a report on how the coronavirus is affecting grandparent caretakers.  In addition, you can read the latest newsletter from the group Support After a Death by Overdose, which features a story about grandparents raising grandchildren.