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How to Make the Most of Fishing While on Your Vacation

Aug 1, 2014

This guy knows where to head for great local fishing action.
Credit Denise Pichirallo / flickr

  Lucky you, you're in this beautiful part of the world for a few precious days or weeks of vacation. And you've got an itch to go fishing. Maybe you want to get the whole family involved (great idea!). You've got just one question: "Where do I start?"

Kevin Blinkoff, editor of On The Water magazine, says it's a question he hears a lot. So he's got a high-level-bullet list of suggestions to get you where you want to go. That is, catching fish while enjoying your vacation.

  • Buy a fishing license. Don't worry, it's just $10, and it's not necessary for those under 16. Not only is it the law, it's the right thing to do. And it couldn't be easier. You can do it on your mobile phone. Here's the link. Or you can get one at a tackle shop. 
  • Buy some bait. While you're at the tackle shop - or even at the supermarket - buy a package of frozen squid. It's readily available, and it's easy to use. And fish love it.
  • Think small for fast action. If you're after fun, the biggest mistake you can make is to gear up for a monster bass. Our waters abound with smaller fish that are a delight to catch, to admire, and to release. There are sea bass, cunners, scup, fluke, bluefish, and sea robins, to name just the most common. To find them, head to a pleasant harbor or estuary with a dock or jetty, and set yourself up comfortably. Bait your hook with a piece of frozen squid. You're almost guaranteed to catch fish. And if none of them are the "keepers" that will feed your family, you will have a great time, and on the way home you can always stop at the fish market! 

My conversation with Kevin is posted in the audio above, along with a round-up of the local fishing action.

Among the highlights, White Marlin are south of the Vineyard, but catching them can be a trick. Want more details? Give it a listen!