Jack Dowman: Helping Others, No Credit Necessary

May 6, 2013

After 10 years of organizing the annual Eastham Windmill Weekend Parade, last year Dowman was named the parade's Grand Marshall.
Credit Courtesy photo from family

Jack Dowman, 84, was a mostly behind-the-scene volunteer. He was involved with government and service groups. He supported the school music programs, and for 10 years he organized the annual Eastham Windmill Weekend Parade. And he did it all just so he could help. 

"He was that kind of a guy who would do anything he could to help anybody," said his friend and fellow Rotary Club member, Dick Morello. "That's what we loved about him."

Morello describes Dowman as a cut-up, always quick with a joke and always ready to laugh. But ask him about his wife, Morello says, and he was all business, telling you about the most amazing person he'd ever met.

"He loved his wife. Oh my god, he praised his wife. Oh he couldn't say enough good about Ginette,  … 'Oh, she's fantastic, best things that ever happened to me.' He would tell stories about when he was courting her."

Dowman made friends easily, and he held onto them. In fact, he still me regularly with the fellas he grew up in back in Connecticut, some 70 years ago.

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