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Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Exploitation

Nov 17, 2020

Technology has always been a double edged sword; it has allowed schools to remain open during the pandemic, but it might also be also causing a spike in online predation of children. Locally, Children’s Cove, the Cape and Islands Child Advocacy Center has seen a dramatic increase in referrals for child sexual exploitation. Today we discuss how to keep children safe as they spend more of their day online.


With us is Jacob Stapledon, community education and outreach coordinator at Children’s Cove

Janell Burly Hoffman, consultant on raising tech healthy families and the author of iRules: What Every Tech-Healthy Family Needs to Know about Selfies, Sexting, Gaming, and Growing Up

Dr. Sonia Tellier, assistant superintendent and director of teaching and learning at the Falmouth public schools.