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Looking Forward to Fall Fishing, and then... Ice Fishing?

Sep 27, 2013

Does this look like fun? While we still have a couple of nice fall months to fish, the prospect of winter angling is not so cheery to contemplate...
Credit Tom Gill / flickr

The final week in September brings the finish of the Fishing News on WCAI - but saltwater fishing continues in our region, as "the fall run" funnels southward-migrating striped bass along our coast through October. Big bluefish are in abundance as well.

Tautog may be caught in our waters through the end of November. A very curious fish, tautog have lips and teeth... How does that make you feel?
Credit Karen Cardoza / flickr

Tautog fishing will keep up until the end of November. And then?

Kevin Blinkoff, of On The Water magazine, has this advice: consider ice fishing, it's more fun than you might think (examine closely the photo above - that is a man communing inexpressibly with nature). Also through the winter, a variety of boat and fishing shows happen in our region, to help anglers keep thinking of spring even as the days are short, dark, and cold.

And of course, you might as well take apart that reel and clean it.

Steve Junker and Kevin Blinkoff discuss the season wrap of the Fishing News in the audio posted above.