Looking Skyward: Moonquakes and More | WCAI

Looking Skyward: Moonquakes and More

May 20, 2019


Credit Arnold Dogelis / unsplash

There's a lot to talk about on this week’s “Looking Skyward" with WCAI's "All Things Considered" host Brian Morris and Dr. Regina Jorgenson, Director of Astronomy at the Maria Mitchell Association on Nantucket.

Here's what was covered:  

Moonquakes - Using data from the Apollo missions of 50 years ago, scientists have confirmed that the moon is still tectonically active, with fault lines that can cause lunar earthquakes, or “moonquakes.”

Asteroid Deflection - We’ve seen it in sci-fi movies, but NASA scientists will launch a test mission that will attempt to alter the course of a small asteroid.

Solar-Powered Spacecraft - A small spacecraft, barely the size of a loaf of bread, will launch aboard the SpaceX rocket, and once in space, will deploy a solar-powered “Sail” in an attempt to raise its orbit using only the power of sunlight.