New Book on the New England Patriots

Dec 5, 2018

The New England Patriots: whether you love or hate them, the Pats have captured this country's attention like no other franchise. On The Point, Mindy Todd interviews Glenn Stout and Richard A. Johnson, the authors of a new, complete, and lavishly illustrated book entitled "The Pats: an illustrated History of the New England Patriots." 

It tells the history of the legendary team in full and in colorful detail. This is a tale full of larger-than-life characters; from founding owner Billy Sullivan, early stars like running back Jim Nance and beloved wide receiver turned broadcaster Gino Cappeletti, to Hall of Famers and stars like John Hannah, Russ Francis, and Steve Grogan, through to present-day stars like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and owner Bob Kraft. 

Featuring essays by Richard Johnson, Upton Bell, Leigh Montville, Lesley Visser, Howard Bryant, Ron Borges, and more, The Pats is treat for fans old and new, and an indelible portrait of the most talked about team in NFL history.