Old Weather Points to Future Climate

Dec 15, 2015

Despite super computers and complex algorithms, climate change modeling is far from perfect. What’s needed is more data, and climate scientists are looking for it in some unusual places. We discuss Old Weather a crowd sourcing project to mine weather data from Nineteenth Century ships' logs and a new underwater vehicle designed to collect data from a region we’ve never explored before -- beneath the sea ice

We speak with Philip Brohan, climate scientist from the Met Office Hadley Centre; Kevin Wood, a research scientist at the University of Washington and NOAA’s Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, and Michael Lapides, director of digital initiatives at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. 

To discuss how the extent of present day sea ice can help us better model the impacts of climate change and the new robotic technology that allows researchers to obtain more precise data about the ice we talk with Ted Maksym, an applied Ocean Physics and Engineering Scientist at WHOI, and Mike Jakuba, a research engineer with WHOI’s Deep Submergence Lab.