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Providing Foster Care

Jan 9, 2020

Coinciding with the opioid addiction crisis, the need for foster families spiked in Massachusetts in 2014. Due to an increase in the number of children being adopted, the number of children in foster care has stabilized in recent years: but there is still a need for foster homes. On The point, we talk about the process of becoming a foster parent and why it can have such a positive and lasting impact on both children and foster families. 

Guests on the program are as follows:  Stu Peoples, long time foster Parent. Michael Medeiros from Massachusetts Mentor, an organization providing foster care placements. Randa Yaacoub, Family Evaluation Specialist at Massachusetts MENTOR, Gisele Lynch, Mentor Foster Parent. Kenia Rodrigues, former foster youth at Gisele’s.

For more information about how to become a foster parent, visit the website of the Department of Children and Families