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Racing for Local Non Profits

Sep 5, 2019

Car racing enthusiasts are likely familiar with the Le Mans: a 24 hour endurance race of high performance automobiles held each year in France.


Nearly two decades ago a Cape version of the famed race began, The Seaside LeMans. The local race is four hours long and consists of teams driving go karts, but it’s not just for fun: since its inception the Seaside LeMans has raised 6.5 million dollars for local non profits. Host Kathryn Eident talks with several guests in The Point studio about the Seaside LeMans, and some of the organization the race supports. 


The Guests on the program are as follows: Kelsey Ellis, Event Director of the Seaside Le Mans, DeWitt Davenport, CEO, The Davenport Companies and founder of the Seaside LeMans, and Matt Pitta, Director of Communications for The Davenport Companies.