Train Yourself, Not Your Dog

Dec 6, 2012

You can train a dog, but what about its owner?
Credit Carlos Smith / Flickr

You don't expect your dog to speak English or use a toilet. So you make accommodations. But Melissa Berryman, author of People Training for Good Dogs, says there are a lot of common misconceptions that lead to unreasonable expectations of human behavior from dogs. The results can be frustrating or even dangerous, and that's why Berryman recommends training for dog owners, as well as their pets.

One surprising example is hugging. While we humans think of it as a sign of affection, Berryman explains that dogs could interpret hugging as a display of dominance and respond aggressively. That's why she's started a NO HUG campaign. The goal, she says, is to make dog hugging something to be avoided like the plague.

What's your doggie I.Q.? Request a quiz on Berryman's website and find out!