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WCAI's Top 12 Moments of 2012

Dec 17, 2012

WCAI's new look
Credit Heather Goldstone / WCAI

2012 was an exciting year here at 3 Water Street. As the year draws to a close, we're looking back at some of the most memorable moments. From favorite commentaries to new shows, and even a new building, here are our picks for the Top 12 of 2012. 

  1. WCAI gets a facelift - WCAI is proud to call the historic Davis House in Woods Hole home. But this old house was in desperate need of some updating, both inside and out. Over the past year, we've restored the original wood clapboard siding, added a front porch, and made the first two floors of the building handicap-accessible. It's been a long process, but we're prouder than ever. You're always welcome to stop by and see the results for yourself. Otherwise, you can WATCH THE SLIDESHOW >>

  2. Sean Corcoran takes on ticks - Lead reporter Sean Corcoran's series Tiny Predators: Facing Cape Cod's Tick Problem went well beyond the usual coverage of Lyme Disease. The ecology of ticks, emerging human diseases, the impacts of climate change, and innovative attempts to control ticks and treat the illnesses they cause - it's all in there. LISTEN >>
  3. Ari Daniel Shapiro gets head lice - Okay, not really. But after the ticks, it was irresistible. And it really was one of our favorite episodes of One Species at a Time. LISTEN >>
  4. The Point visits the space station – Mindy Todd has interviewed astronaut Suni Williams before, but not like this. This time, Suni was in space, calling from the Space Station. Mindy's favorite part of the whole thing? When the moderator in Houston announced "This concludes the WCAI radio portion of this event." LISTEN >>
  5. Living Lab gets behind the headlines – Research cruises can be full of surprises - new discoveries, broken equipment, bad weather. A dilapidated fishing boat jammed to the gills with Egyptian emigrants in need of rescuing is a bit outside the norm, though. You may have caught Atlantis' research-turned-rescue-mission in the news last year, but not this first-hand account. LISTEN >>
  6. Creative Life goes medieval on Martha's Vineyard - What do you do with a 5-foot-long, 50-pound sword? You'd be surprised. Steve Junker tracked down a metalsmith who makes all-too-real fantasy-video-game weapons. A word of caution: stand back when he comes charging at you. LISTEN >>
  7. Home Brewing on the Local Food Report – When the Pilgrims started fermenting new grains like corn, they made beer one of the first locally produced artisanal foods in New England. In Elspeth Hay's 3-part series from February, she gives historic justification - and some very practical tips - for continuing a noble tradition of brewing beer at home.  Thirsty?  LISTEN >>
  8. Bird News shares excitement of rare sightings – When ornithologist Vern Laux gets excited, it's hard not to go right along with him. And what's more exciting that seeing a bird that almost never visits the Cape and Islands? It happened a few times this year. LISTEN >>
  9. Getting the lowdown on the Fishing News - Surgical tubing to catch big striped bass? Yes indeed. Captain Phil Stanton explains "tubing" to Steve Junker, and you can practically smell the salt air of August. LISTEN >>
  10. A Life Remembered launches - Moving and uplifting, Sean Corcoran's new monthly series celebrates the lives that shape and enrich our communities. LISTEN >>
  11. Cape Cod Notebook catalogs summer visitors – The only summer visitor that got more attention than the great white sharks this year was the Cape Cod Bear. Robert Finch marked the occasion with poetry and some reflections on the return of wildlife to Cape Cod. LISTEN >>
  12. Climatide goes out with a bang - Science editor Heather Goldstone shut down her Climatide blog in February, but not without a last hurrah. Her special series Cape Change: A Local Perspective on Global Warming capped off eighteen months of reporting on the topic. LISTEN >>

Did we miss something? What was your most memorable WCAI moment of 2012?