When Knitting Can Help Untangle Addiction

Sep 4, 2017

Credit Lisa Bruce - http://tinyurl.com/yayqwpsl

Kaycee Snowden and her mom Laurel have a lot in common. They are both natives of the Cape, they both love making things, and they both battled alcoholism for years. Now they’re both sober - Kaycee for 7 years and Laurel for 37. While Kaycee may never surpass her mom in sober time, she has jumped ahead in one key way: she’s really good at making stuff out of yarn. The student has become the teacher. She knits. She makes hats, scarves, even the occasional tank top. It’s a kind of therapy, creative outlet, and side hustle all wrapped up in one activity.

Kaycee models one of her pieces
Credit Photo by Ashley Bilodeau Photography

You can find more examples of Kaycee's work here

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