When A Parent is Incarcerated

Jun 27, 2017

On The Point, we discuss the developmental and social impacts on children of having an incarcerated parent. 7 million people are on probation or parole in the U.S. We hear from an adult who experienced parental incarceration as a child, and about a residential camp for children with incarcerated parents. In 2014 an estimated 1.4 million U.S. Children had a parent in jail or in prison, according to the National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated. 

Guests on the program are Megan Sullivan, Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development and Associate Professor of Rhetoric at Boston University. She’s also the co-editor of Parental Incarceration Personal Accounts and Developmental Impact, and she’s the daughter of an incarcerated parent. Julie Lytle is the program manager of Amazing Grace of Cape Cod, a week-long residential camp program for children whose parent is or has been incarcerated.