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Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters

As Nigeria's military has pushed deeper into Boko Haram territory in recent weeks, it's freed hundreds of girls and women held captive by the militants. Most of those former hostages are traumatized. And many are carrying an added burden: They're pregnant with the children of the extremists. 

Nigerian writer Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani says it won't be easy for these young mothers to return to their villages. 

Tami Chappell/Reuters

You always have to have the right accessory for every holiday: fireworks on the Fourth of July, turkey on Thanksgiving and Corona beer for Cinco de Mayo.

At least that's what Corona's maker, Grupo Modelo, is hoping. The company, which started in Mexico City in the early 1920s, has worked hard to identify Corona with Cinco de Mayo. And they've succeeded — in the United States, anyway.

Mohamed Al-Sayaghi/Reuters

1,200 people have died in Yemen's civil war so far, more than half of them civilians. But aid groups warn those deaths represent only the start of the war's human toll.