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Cape Cod Commission Seeks Teenage Climate Ambassadors


The Cape Cod Commission is recruiting for a network of teenage activists who want to be involved in climate solutions. 


In January, the region’s planning authority is launching its Climate Ambassador Program. Around a dozen students in grades 9-12 will be eligible to participate in eight virtual meetings held on Wednesday afternoons from January to May. 


“We're hoping we’ll get students …  who have an interest in learning more about climate change, what the causes of climate change are, what the impacts are, and how they can work both individually and as part of a group to address it,” said Erin Perry, deputy director of the commission. 


While participating in the program, the teens will each develop a project, demonstrating how they can have a personal impact on climate change at home or in their school communities.


“As an example,” Perry said, “maybe [they’d be] working with their school community on some renewable energy projects, or kind of mapping out what it would take for their school district to take on a renewable energy project. So something that's tangible, but that they can actually measure their progress toward.”  


Student voices will also be used to inform the commission’s forthcoming Climate Action Plan, which will guide the entire region’s objectives to address climate change. 


“Our intent for the program is that students would hear not only from commission staff, but from others at different county and state agencies, from experts on the science, and from policymakers,” Perry said, “so that students really do have an opportunity to hear from all those who are both impacted by climate change and engaged in its solutions.”


Climate ambassador applications are due by Friday, Jan. 8, and all applicants will need to provide a teacher reference and one-page cover letter detailing why they are interested in climate change and what they hope to learn or accomplish while part of the program. 




Eve Zuckoff covers the environment and human impacts of climate change for CAI.