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Arts and Ideas: December 22, 2012

December 22, 2012

7pm: Bill Moyers: The First Storytellers - with Joseph Campbell

8pmPlaying on Air: Great American theater with Oscar award actors

9pm: State of The Re-Union: Jacksonville, Florida

10pm: Santa Soul - from Sound Opinions - not your usual playlist

Jay Allison is the Founder and Executive Producer of WCAI. He one of public radio’s most honored producers and has won virtually every major industry award, including six Peabodys. Over the last thirty-five years, he has independently produced hundreds of documentaries and features for radio and television. He is currently produces The Moth Radio Hour and, before that, was the host and curator of This I Believe on NPR, and co-edited the best-selling books based on that series.
Viki produces WCAI's Arts and Ideas hosted by Jay Allison and is the Associate Director of Atlantic Public Media (APM), our production partners in Woods Hole. Together with Jay Allison and Atlantic Public Media she produces the Sonic ID's, the Local Food Report, One Species at a Time and essays for local and national broadcast.