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Arts and Ideas: October 4th, 2020

Join us every Sunday night for Arts and Ideas.  

7pm  “Fear Factor.” It’s a new Moth Radio Hour with stories about facing your fears. That’s produced right here in Woods Hole, by us. 

8pm   “How We Got Here: The Fight For Meaningful Work." The final episode in KQED's series about the lack of stable employment in the US. 

9pm  “Great Moments in Presidential Debates.” Political Junkie brings us highlights from the history of televised presidential debates, with commentary from journalists, historians, and other political junkies. 

10pm PRX Remix. What else? “Dance Dance” and other eclectic stories on shuffle.

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Viki produces WCAI's Arts and Ideas hosted by Jay Allison and is the Associate Director of Atlantic Public Media (APM), our production partners in Woods Hole. Together with Jay Allison and Atlantic Public Media she produces the Sonic ID's, the Local Food Report, One Species at a Time and essays for local and national broadcast.