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Arts & Ideas: July 3rd, 2022

This week on Arts and Ideas:

7pm Stories from the Heart of the Land - When Nature is Homeground. That place we always go back to. A documentary series we made right here in Woods Hole.

8pm Smithsonian Sidedoor - The myth of who made America’s first flag, and tracking down the story of the *real* Betsy Ross.

9pm Top of Mind - 4th of July Special - Why America uses the colors red, white, and blue in its flag. Senator Tammy Duckworth tells her story about why she decided to serve in the armed forces. And how the U.S. Constitution is a “magic mirror” that gives us many definitions of patriotism.

10pm “The Captain”, “A Tree is Not a Forest”, and more unexpected stories from this week's PRX Remix.

That's all on Arts and Ideas, airing Sunday night from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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Michael is a producer for CAI's Arts and Ideas show, airing Sunday nights.