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Arts & Ideas: July 31st, 2022

This week on Arts and Ideas:

7pm PRX: LBJ and the Great Society - How President Johnson changed American life with his domestic accomplishments, despite his failures in Vietnam.

8pm Humankind Specials - The history of how the courts became another political battleground - and whether today’s Supreme Court justices are merely “politicians in robes.”

9pm Fugitive Waves: Sonic Prayer Flags and Kimchi Diplomacy - The Kitchen Sisters bring us voices of luminaries from the oldest street in New Orleans. And, how South Korea uses food to spread its global influence.

10pm “Blinded by the Light”, “Iron Shoes”, and
more unexpected stories from this week's PRX Remix.

That's all on Arts and Ideas, airing Sunday night from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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Michael is a producer for CAI's Arts and Ideas show, airing Sunday nights.