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Arts & Ideas: August 28th, 2022

This week on Arts and Ideas:

7pm CBC Radio's Outfront - Love, the many splendored thing. Stories about love and longing, hope and despair.

8pm   Re:Sound - The Imposter Show - What we do and don’t know about the lives of others. Double lives, double binds, and double trouble. Imposters, imitators, fakes and more!

9pm   Big Picture Science - Everything around us is alive! Embracing the bacteria and microorganisms all around us. From inside our homes all the way to the Arctic tundra.

10pm “Life Beyond the Mind,” “Look At Your Game, Girl,” and more unexpected stories from this week's PRX Remix.

That's all on Arts and Ideas, airing Sunday night from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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Michael is a producer for CAI's Arts and Ideas show, airing Sunday nights.