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ICYMI: Nature News Headlines


Each month, we speak to our colleagues at the Journal Nature to hear about the stories they are following. Our guide this time around is Adam Levy, multi-media editor and host of the Nature Podcast.

Droughts, heatwaves and floods: How to tell when climate change is to blame

For years, we’ve heard weather forecasters make the distinction between weather and climate, and say that we can’t attribute any one weather event to climate change, but, in fact, scientists have been developing the ability to do just that and do it more quickly.

Wilderness is vanishingly rare in Earth’s oceans

Only 13% of ocean can be categorized as ‘wilderness.’

Ancient dreams of intelligent machines: 3,000 years of robots

The extraordinary history of cultural responses to automata, an essay. 

Milky Way’s black hole provides long-sought test of Einstein’s general relativity

Scientists have caught the black hole at the center of the Milky Way in the act of stretching light with gravity.

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