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Living Lab Radio: December 1, 2019

A photo from July, 2014, shows a crater that had recently been discovered in the Yamal Peninsula, in Siberia.

"I didn't expect it then and I still don't expect it now. It's not something that any Arctic scientists talk about for this to happen on land - to have land explode because of a buildup of methane below the ground. It still surprises me now." - Sue Natali

This week on Living Lab Radio:

  • Jennifer Hijazi of E&E News reports on a defamation lawsuit that is mixing climate science and free speech issues in novel ways. The Supreme Court has said that scientist Michael Mann's case can move forward.
  • Integrative health researcher Eric Garland breaks down the evidence that mindfulness meditation and other mind-body therapies can reduce both pain and opioid use. He says the biggest challenge, at this point, is providing access to these safe and effective therapies.
  • Pierre Azoulay of M.I.T. explains what happens to a scientific field after a prominent researcher passes away prematurely. The research suggests some avenues for accelerating scientific advancement across the board.
  • Climate scientists Sue Natali and Greg Fiske share what's known about unexpected craters discovered in Siberia. They are launching an effort to map such craters and address the many unanswered questions remaining.