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Two Books on Science to Inspire Readers

In the book Nature’s Ambassador, the Legacy of Thornton Burgess, author Christie Lowrance took on the challenge of documenting the role of the prolific writer Thornton Burgess, famous for his important contributions to children’s literature, conservation, environmental education, and radio. Burgess launched a grassroots conservation program, for example, that resulted in establishment of bird sanctuaries on five million acres of private land. He hosted perhaps the first children's nature program on radio, worked to support conservation legislation, wrote seventy books, and acquired an international readership. No wonder it took four and a half years to write a book about his life and work! Mindy Todd interviews the author on The Point.

In the second part of the program, we talk an interview with Marcel LaFollette, an historian whose research and writing examines the history of science, with emphasis on its communication and popularization. Her most recent books include Science on American Television and A History and Science on the Air: Popularizers and Personalities on Radio and Early Television

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Mindy Todd is the host and producer of <i>The Point</i> on WCAI which examines critical issues for Cape Cod and the Islands. She brings more than 40 years of experience in radio and television to WCAI.