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Strengthening our Representative Democracy


Manipulating Congressional district maps to favor one political party over another is not a new strategy, both parties have been using this tactic for years. Yet over the past decade Congressional district maps across the nation were gerrymandered to favor Republican candidates. We discuss efforts to make maps more reflective of the population, and strategies Massaschuetts can adopt to make publicly elected officials better reflect the diversity of the Commonwealth.

The following are guests on the program: 

David Daley, author of "Ratf**ked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy," joins us to discuss the Republican strategy to gain control of state legislatures in advance of the redrawing of Congressional district maps following the 2010 census.

Judy Zaunbrecher, Co-President of the Massachusetts chapter of the League of Women Voters,joins us to discuss the Leagues Fair Maps Initiatives. She’s giving a presentation at Falmouth Public Library on Thursday November 21st at 7pm.

Peter Levine, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Tufts University Tisch College of Civic Life, joins us to discuss a new report put out by MassInc and Tufts University titled MassForward. Researchers looked at how well publicly elected officials reflected the diversity of the electorate.

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