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Suicide prevention: why talking about suicide is so important


Before the pandemic, Barnstable County had the highest rates of suicide in the state. While current data has yet to be released, we know rates of depression and isolation skyrocketed during the pandemic, putting more people at risk for suicide. We discuss the key components to suicide prevention and why talking about suicide is so important to those at risk, and survivors.
Guests on the program are as follows:
Lisa Forhan, Co-Chair, Cape and Islands Suicide Prevention Coalition
Kimberely Mead-Walters, Executive Director, Sharing Kindness
Kathleen Shine-O’Brien Consulting Clinician at Sharing Kindness.
The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 800-273-8255
May 22nd Suicide Awareness Walk
The Samaritans of Cape Cod
NAMI of Cape Cod

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