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Climate Migration Is Already Here And It's Going To Get Worse


This week on Innovation Hub:
A migration crisis is already underway, and it's caused, at least in large part, by climate change, according to modeling by ProPublica and the New York Times Magazine. Their expert analysis shows that without the proper preparation and political will, it will worsen as soon as 2050. Michael Oppenheimer, a professor of Geosciences and International Affairs at Princeton University, explains how the increasingly deadly combination of heat and humidity is driving people from their homelands. He predicts greater migratory build-ups along the US-Mexico border, in Southeast Asia, and on North Africa's Mediterranean coast. Even if we develop a strong response now, a "lack of foresight," he argues, has brought us to our current reality: a certain level of climate change is already baked into the system for the next 30 years. Oppenheimer says governments must restructure their thinking around climate change to focus not just on emissions, but also extreme weather response. Plus, we hear from three local reporters at our affiliate stations about the environmental challenges facing their cities. Houston Public Media's Katie Watkins, WJCT's Brendan Rivers in Jacksonville and KJZZ's Ron Dungan in Phoenix, join us to discuss droughts, flooding, land use, and more.

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