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News Roundup: Fall River Reacts to Former Mayor’s 6 Year Sentence, Wildfire Risk Studied on Martha’s Vineyard

Liz Lerner

On The Point’s Local News Roundup, we hear about a federal judge sentencing Jasiel Correia to 6 years in prison. MCAS scores from the spring are back and they are down statewide and locally, after a year of remote learning amid the pandemic; and parts of Martha’s Vineyard are considered at extreme risk for wildfire after a new county report.

Guests include: We had Jason Graziadei from the Nantucket Current; Will Sennot from the New Bedford Light; Cindy McCormick from the Cape Cod Times; Eve and Daniel; Jo Goode from the Herald News, George Brennan from the Martha’s Vineyard Times; Tim Wood at the Cape Cod Chronicle and Ed Miller at the Provincetown Independent.

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