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Acknowledging New England’s Participation in the Illicit Slave Trade

Account of a case heard before Barnstable MA county court in 1777
Atlantic Black Box
Account of a case heard before Barnstable MA county court in 1777.

In the mid 1800’s Merchant ships from New England were engaged in trans Atlantic trade, and humans were one of the commodities trafficked. We talk with historians bringing this history to light and how it can impact the present day conversation around race, equity and identity.

With us

Meadow Dibble, the founder / executive director of the Atlantic Black Box Project https://atlanticblackbox.com/

and visiting Scholar at Brown University’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice.

Kate McMahon, Museum Specialist at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington DC. She leads research efforts at the Center for the Study of Global Slavery. https://www.katemcmahon.net/

Also with us is Maine State Representative Rachel Talbot Ross. https://legislature.maine.gov/house/house/MemberProfiles/Details/56

She is the first and only Black woman elected to the Maine Legislature and to legislative leadership. Welcome.

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