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Modern day slavery

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Jenifer McKim / GBH News
Chris Bates attends an event he helped organize in Worcester. He worked with the city to turn on blue lights, part of a national campaign to raise awareness about sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Sadly, human beings have a long history of trafficking and exploiting poor and vulnerable people. On The Point, G.B.H. News Center's senior investigative reporters Phillip Martin and Jenifer McKim join us to discuss how Massachusetts fits into the global and national trafficking web. Their latest series is titled Unseen- The Boy Victims of the Sex Trade.
We also talk with the following local activists, police, and a survivor of human trafficking about at-risk populations on the Cape and Islands, warning signs, and what we can do to prevent exploitation.
Detective Katie Parache with the Barnstable Police Department
Janice Hank, Chairperson For Cape Cod PATH- People Against Trafficking Humans
Jasmine Grace, a survivor of sex trafficking and author of “The Diary of Jasmine Grace; Trafficked, Recovered, Redeemed”.
Join Cape Cod PATH (people against trafficking humans), to recognize 45 million people currently enslaved in human trafficking, which exists everywhere across the globe, including here on Cape Cod. On January 9, 2022, from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m., Cape Cod PATH will present a webinar with Jasmine Grace. Register for the webinar

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