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Managing invasive plants

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Massachusetts Invasive Plant Advisory Group

Anyone who has battled bittersweet, ivy, porcelain berry, mile a minute or other non-native invasive species in the garden knows that it can be time consuming, frustrating and unsuccessful. All invasive plants were first introduced to our area by humans as landscape specimens or, in some cases, accidentally. Because they did not evolve in our region, the natural mechanisms that normally control these species in their home ranges don't exist. As a result, these non-native plants can out-compete, displace, and kill our native species. On The Point, we discuss some of the more prevalent and invasive non-native plants, and best practices for management.
Guests are:
Randy Prostak, UMass Extension Weed Specialist
Kelly Barber Director of Land Stewardship, Barnstable Land Trust  
Mark Kasprzyk, Conservation Land Manager for the Town of Falmouth
Common invasive non native plant list
Managing non native invasive Plants

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