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50 years of the Marine Mammal Protection Act

In October of 1972 the Marine Mammal Protection Act was signed into law. The purpose was to prevent marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, seals and walrus from declining to a point that they were no longer functioning members of the marine ecosystem. The Act is considered a landmark because it was the time legislation protecting wildlife also included provisions to protect their ecosystems.
On The Point, we take a look at 50 years of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. What have been the success stories? Where has it fallen short? And given changes to our climate and development of new technology, is it set up to protect species into the future?
Joining us-
Daryl Boness, Commissioner to the Marine Mammal Commission and Research Faculty at the University of New England.
Michael Moore- marine scientist and veterinarian at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution who works with the federal government to determine the cause of death for protected marine mammals.
Kimberly Murray- she leads the Seal Ecology and Assessment Program at NOAA Fisheries

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