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2024 By Degrees Climate Summit- Hour One

On The Point we bring you 2024 By Degrees Climate Summit, a production of NHPR
Human activity is warming the planet. This change is already reshaping how we live and interact with our environment in New Hampshire, across New England and beyond.
The By Degrees Climate Summit is an annual gathering of pioneering journalists, regional environmental activists, and industry leaders—all dedicated to advancing climate solutions by sharing their insights, strategies, and success stories.
Just in the past year, New England experienced storms in July, December, January, and in April– resulting in flooding and significant property damage, from the coast of Maine to the river valleys of Vermont.
These events can be painful. But in our response, we can also catch glimpses of the future. As author and climate activist Rebecca Solnit writes, “disaster offers a view into another world for ourselves.” But how do we do it? And how do we do it in a sustained, long-term way – around climate solutions that might take years? How do we – at a local level, with our neighbors and local governments — meaningfully create the world we want?
This first panel was moderated by Outside/In podcast reporter Justine Paradis, and featured:
Claudia Diezmartinez Peregina, Policy Fellow at the City of Boston’s Environment Department
Kari White, Director of Community Health Equity at Northern Counties Health Care in the Northeast Kingdom, VT
Brianna O’Brien, Conservation Coordinator for the Town of Hampton, NH

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