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Support CAI with the NPR+ Podcast Bundle!

We’re excited to announce that CAI is among the first NPR Member Stations to pilot the brand new NPR+ podcast bundle as a special thank you gift for donations made through cai.plus.npr.org. This means you can get all the different podcast benefits that NPR+ has to offer with one simple recurring donation, and you’ll be supporting CAI in the process!

What is the NPR+?

NPR+ is a special collection of podcast benefits that includes bonus episodes and sponsor-free listening for some of NPR’s most popular podcasts. This means you can listen to podcasts like Up First or Code Switch and you can even enjoy bonus episodes and behind the scenes content for shows like Planet Money, Fresh Air, and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me. You can see all of the included podcasts on plus.npr.org.

How do I get NPR+?
It’s easy — just set up a recurring donation to CAI at a minimum of $8/month or $96/year at https://capeandislands.plus.npr.org/.

Once your sustaining donation is confirmed, you’ll get an invite email to set up your account.

I’m already a CAI donor, do I get access to the NPR+ Podcast
If you are currently donating at least $8/month or $96/year, then yes, you can get NPR+. Send us an email at membership@capeandislands.org and we’ll help you get set up!

Have questions or need help?
Check out the FAQs at the bottom of CAI's NPR+ page for more information. You can also contact us at 1-800-300-3300 Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm, or by email at membership@capeandislands.org.