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Art, Education, and Race

Jan 5, 2021

Whether it’s a poem, an opera, a painting, or a sculpture, artistic work can have overt and hidden meaning. It can tell a story or make a statement. It can make us feel at peace, stir up anger, or inspire us to think more deeply. On The Point, we talk with Robin Joyce Miller about the intersection of her work as an artist, educator, activist and woman of color living on Cape Cod.

Krys Alex

Arts and culture are a staple of the summer season on the Cape and Islands, and winter sustenance for year-rounders from New Bedford to Provincetown. With shows postponed because of the pandemic, institutions are adapting — but some are seeing staggering losses.


Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

Artists and arts organizations, like so many others, have been scrambling to find ways to continue their work without the benefit of in-person interactions during this pandemic.

Collecting Calypso

Jan 24, 2014

Scott Britton, plausibly has the largest Calypso collection on Cape Cod. Ethan Chiel went to look ( and listen) for himself.

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