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How are students, parents, and teachers faring, and what students are at greatest risk for falling behind?  What are the updated guidelines from the Department of Education around teaching, curriculum, and testing, and what tips can we take from those who already teach their children at home?  We also discuss strategies to keep stress and anxiety in check as parents and children adjust to this new way of learning.

Liz Lerner

We look at the latest on COVID-19 on the Cape, Coast, and Islands, and the effect the pandemic is having on our region.

WCAI’s Kathryn Eident talks to local reporters and editors about the issue.  Her guests include: WCAI’s Sam Houghton, Eve Zuckoff, and Jennette Barnes; Tim Wood at the Cape Cod Chronicle; Noah Asimow from the Vineyard Gazette; Geoff Spillane from the Cape Cod Times; Ed Miller from the Provincetown Banner; Josh Balling at the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; George Brennan at the Martha’s Vineyard Times; and WCAI’s Mike Deehan at the Massachusetts Statehouse.

How are you keeping yourself and your family entertained while still observing social distancing? We discuss movies you may have missed, classics worth re-visiting, and series that may tempt binge watching. We also discuss board games, online games, and games you can play virtually with friends and family. And we hear from you: what are you watching, playing and doing, either on your own or with others? 

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On The Point, we explore how and why might we do mindfulness practice with kids and others in our households. Our guest Adam Liss, Director of Cape Stress Reduction & Optimal Health, uses Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to help people find balance and ease, and improve the quality of daily life. 

Books on Sisters

Mar 25, 2020

Sharing their choices of fiction and non-fiction books on sisters, Kellie Porter from the Woods Hole Library and Jill Erickson, reference librarian at the Falmouth Public Library, join our host Mindy Todd on The Point. 

Connecting with Nature

Mar 24, 2020
J. Junker

As our population grows and more wild spaces are developed, humans are spending less time in nature. There is growing evidence that a nature deficit can have negative impacts on our physical and emotional well-being, not to mention what it means for the entire ecosystem. On The Point, we talk with nature writer Richard Louv about the re-connecting with the natural world. His latest book is Our Wild Calling: How Connecting with Animals can Transform Our Lives and Save Theirs.




Mar 19, 2020
J. Junker

While many of us are itching to get into our outdoor gardens, it’s still a little early to dig in. On The Point, we talk with Marsha Potash about indoor plants: exotics, easy keepers, and tips to keep indoor plants healthy and happy. We also take indoor plant questions from listeners.


J. Junker

It’s natural to feel anxiety about things that threaten our health and safety: it helps to keep us alive. But anxiety and fear can become overwhelming and keep us from making rational choices. On The Point, we talk about how to stay informed about the coronavirus without becoming overwhelmed, what we can do to keep ourselves healthy mentally and physically during these unprecedented times, and why helping one another is often the best way to combat stress and anxiety. 


Dan Tritle

On the Point, we talk about the latest on how to keep the virus from spreading, supports and services to help those in need, and how to cope with the stress and anxiety associated with the virus and the economic impact. 

Bird News in March

Mar 10, 2020
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Signs of spring are all around. Woodcocks are beginning their seasonal displays, bird song is increasing, and migrants are returning. Mark Faherty, science coordinator at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, has all the latests bird news and some thoughts on Fishers. Mindy Todd hosts. 


Mar 4, 2020

Influenza or the flu is thought of as a common but mild disease and yet it kills up to fifty thousand people in the United States a year. 


In 1918 one third of the world’s population was infected with influenza: it's estimated that between fifty and one hundred million people died in that pandemic. While we have learned a lot since then, vital questions about the flu continue to confound even the leading experts.


Dr. Jeremy Brown is an emergcy room doctor and the author of Influenza: the Hundred-Year Hunt to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History. Mindy Todd hosts this interview on The Point.

Accumulating stuff is surprisingly easy. With the click of a button you can order pretty much anything you want; you might find yourself with a closet of clothes you don’t wear, or kitchen gadgets you never use. Or maybe you’re storing boxes of things that haven’t been opened since you last moved, twenty years ago.

For some people the impulse to collect and keep things is difficult to control, and begins to impact mental and physical welfare. Others recognize they have too much stuff, but don’t know where or how to start the organizing process. 

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Some Cape Cod districts have changed school start times, so high school students go to school later and elementary students start earlier. Other districts considered similar changes but elected not to do so. On The Point, we discuss some of the issues surrounding school start times.  We also check in to hear from parents, students, and administrators.  Mindy Todd and Steve Junker host.

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A MassInc study published last November found that Massachusetts elected officials do not reflect the diversity of the commonwealth. According to the report, unbalanced representation by race and ethnicity is apparent, as well as gaps by gender and party affiliation. On The Point, we discuss what it takes to run for elected office, whether a local board or the state legislature, why we don’t see more diverse candidates, and some of the supports available to help prepare individuals to run for office.

An interview with Democrat Stephen Michael Palmer, as we continue our conversations with candidates for the Plymouth Barnstable State Senate Seat. Mindy Todd hosts.