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The Point with Mindy Todd

On The Point, we talk about books with a winter theme. Mindy Todd hosts book experts Jill Erickson, of the Falmouth Public Library, and Jennifer Gaines, of the Woods Hole Library.  

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Pilgrim Nuclear is slated to close in the spring of 2019. What are the steps involved with decommissioning the plant, and what will be left behind once the plant closes? On The Point, we talk with editors and reporters at The Cape Cod Times about their upcoming series exploring the long and short-term impacts of closing nuclear power plants, and what we can learn from other communities who have gone through the process.

On this special edition of The Point, the story of Massasoit's Peace Pact with the Pilgrims. Peace Talks Radio presents a conversation with American Indian scholars who fill in the details of Massasoit's attempt to make peace for his people and with the new strangers.

On this special edition of The Point, we examine Turkeys and Thanksgiving from several perspectives. First, the subject of the BBC documentary My Life as Turkey shares how she became a wild turkey mother in the hammocks of Florida. We’ll also hear about the comeback of the once scorned bronze feathered turkey, get a taste of pre-contact American Indian Cuisine and hear how one native family gives thanks.


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Get ready to cook and eat your Thanksgiving feast! On this special broadcast of The Point, Annie Corrigan, host of Earth Eats, invites us into the kitchen of renowned chef Daniel Orr as he prepares the Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, vegetarian options, and side dishes are cooked up along with some foody music.

Speaking American

Nov 22, 2016
Excerpted from SPEAKING AMERICAN: How Y’all, Youse , and You Guys Talk: A Visual Guide by Josh Katz. Copyright © 2016 by Josh Katz. Reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

The words we use and our pronunciation varies regionally across our country. Josh Katz, graphics editor at the New York Times, uses linguistics data and a map of the US to illustrate where those differences arise. In an interview on The Point, Katz talks with host Mindy Todd about the intersections of language, culture and geography, and his new book titled Speaking American.


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WCAI's Sean Corcoran hosts a roundup of local news stories with several area journalists.  His guests this week include Cindy McCormick of the Cape Cod Times; Sam Houghton of the Mashpee Enterprise and Enterprise Newspapers; Sara Brown of the Martha's Vineyard Gazette; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; Jim DeArruda of the New Bedford Standard Times; Joshua Balling of the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; Ed Miller of the Provincetown Banner; and Bill

It was 1981 when Michael Ward and Mark Halberstadt fell in love. Three years later Mark was diagnosed with AIDS and he and Michael became the first clients of Boston’s AIDS action Committee.  Michael Ward’s new memoir The Sea is Quiet Tonight is a love story set against a backdrop of fear, uncertainty, heartbreak, and ultimately hope. Michael Ward joins Mindy Todd on The Point for this interview.

 On The Point, we hear what epitaphs and gravestones can tell us about the deceased and the period in which they died. Mindy Todd interviews Donna Walcovy, Superintendent of Oak Grove Cemetery, in Falmouth. 

Humor and laughter can help us accept and cope with the realities of life. Laughter has been shown to reduce stress, boost the immune system and increase the release of endorphins… so why not laugh? Die Laughing, Killer Jokes for Newly Old Folks is a new book that can help us laugh about getting older and being mortal. The author William Novak joins Mindy Todd on The Point.

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On The Point, a discussion about the psychology of death and dying. Mindy Todd sits down with psychiatrist Dr. Marc Whaley, psychologist Dr. Michael Abbruzzese, and Ann Geagan, director of bereavement at HopeHealth, to talk about various aspects of this difficult topic. 

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WCAI’s Sean Corcoran hosts the Friday News Roundup.  His guests include Geoff Spillane of the Cape Cod Times; Tim Wood of the Cape Cod Chronicle; Jim DeArruda of the New Bedford Standard-Times; Sara Brown of the Martha's Vineyard Gazette; Ann Wood with the Provincetown Banner; and Bill Chaisson of the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

Here's what writer Joyce Carol Oates said about Clare Beams: "It's as if, by a rare sort of magic, Alice Munro and Shirley Jackson had conspired together to imagine a female/feminist voice for the 21st Century that is wickedly sharp-eyed, wholly unpredictable, and wholly engaging.”

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We look at myths about aging, and also explore the negative images of aging contrasted with the value and humor of aging.  Mindy Todd’s guests are Kathy Budreski and Amanda Murphy, authors of the book What’s So Funny about Aging and Being Mortal- Challenging Perspectives on Aging and Dying.

On Death and Dying

Nov 10, 2016
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We don’t like to talk about it, but we really need to.  How we want our lives to end is a topic that deserves our attention. Mindy Todd hosts a conversation about WCAI’s upcoming series Our Mortal Lives: Confronting Death and Dying.  Guests include the executive producer of the series and WCAI’s News Director Sean Corcoran, series producer and reporter Kathryn Eident, and reporter Elsa Partan.

On The Point, highlights of the season's bird action, with Mark Faherty, ornithologist and science coordinator at Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife SanctuaryMindy Todd hosts. We hear about the last of those birds who are migrating away, sea and shore birds, and all about the fall finches. 

Mystic Aquarium

WCAI's Sean Corcoran hosts a roundup of local and regional news with area journalists.

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The candidates for Massachusetts 9th Congressional District join Mindy Todd in The Point studio to debate the top issues of our region.

Candidates for Barnstable County Commissioner sit down with host Mindy Todd in The Point studio to debate the top issues for the county.   The candidates in the studio are Linda Bond (Republican), Mary Pat Flynn (Democrat), and Mark Forest (Democrat).

On The Point, candidates for Dukes County Sheriff sit down with Mindy Todd to debate the issues important to our region: Neal Maciel is running as an unenrolled candidate; Robert Ogden is running as a Democrat.

On The Point, Mindy Todd hosts a debate with the candidates for Barnstable County Sheriff: Randy Azzato (Democrat) and James Cummings (Republican). 

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WCAI's Brian Morris hosts the Weekly News Roundup, talking about the week's news with area journalists.  Guests include Patrick Cassidy with the Cape Cod Times; Ryan Bray with the Falmouth Enterprise; Tim Wood with the Cape Cod Chronicle; Josh Balling of the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror; Ann  Wood of the Provincetown Banner; Jim DeArruda of the New Bedford Standard-Times; and Bill Chaisson of the Martha's Vineyard Times.

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On The PointMindy Todd sits down with two candidates for the Cape and Islands state senate seat.  The seat is being vacated by outgoing Senator Dan WolfJulian Cyr (Democrat) and Anthony Schiavi (Republican) discuss the top issues for our region.

WCAI's Mindy Todd talks with Nantucket County Sheriff Jim Perelman, who's running for re-election.

Politics and Books

Oct 26, 2016

This month's books program on The Point is all about politics. Mindy Todd hosts Jill Erickson from the Falmouth Public Library, and political reporter Rosie Gray with Buzzfeed, to talk about their top picks. 

Here's a list of books from this program.